Message by H.E. Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu,Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018

Yeni Delhi Büyükelçiliği 09.03.2018

I congratulate with my warmest wishes all women in our country and all over the world on the occasion of March 8 International Women’s Day. Turkey, celebrates this meaningful day as a significant occasion to emphasize women’s human rights; their roles within social life; and gender equality, in tandem with other world nations every year.

This year, on the occasion of International Women’s Days, there is a particular focus on problems of women in rural areas, within the theme defined by the UN Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women). Women’s problems in rural areas, constituting a considerable part of the world population, such as gender pay gap, access to decent work, infrastructure and services and inadequacy of social protection are essentially common problems faced by all humanity. A society, in which women and girls are deprived from educational and health services; are not provided with a life free from violence and maltreatment; are not rewarded for their efforts; whose skills and contributions to production are disregarded, lose the chance to have a place among developed nations.

Turkey sets herself the goal to develop women’s life standards and rights; to enhance their participation in politics, decision-making mechanisms and employment; to empower their social status; and to eliminate completely all kind of violence against women and girls. In this context, comprehensive work has been conducted in Turkey, in all fields such as education, health, professional life and political representation in recent years.

In the same way, Turkey has recently assumed a pioneering role for efforts in preparing the “Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence” which, in short is referred to as the İstanbul Convention and has become the first country to ratify the Convention. Turkey has also hosted the UN Women (UN Entity For the Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women) Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia since 2014 and supported the work of UN Women in all areas.

In line with these goals, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey has made significant contributions to works conducted in the international arena on women’s issues, and continues playing a leading role in the adoption of decisions regarding women’s rights addressed within the UN, OSCE and the Council of Europe.
Furthermore, Turkey has led the foundation of the Women Consultative Council of the OIC.

We pride ourselves on the fact that seventy eight women colleagues serve at senior management positions in our central administration and as Ambassadors and Consul Generals abroad.

On the occasion of March 8 International Women’s Day, I sincerely extend my profound respect and sincere congratulations to our women colleagues who have performed their duties successfully and devotedly all around the world - some of which under extremely difficult conditions- their families and all women in our country and around the world, while I commemorate our women martyrs with mercy and gratitude.


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