President Abdullah Gül issues message on Eid Al-Fitr

Yeni Delhi Büyükelçiliği 25.07.2014
President Gül, issuing a message on Eid Al-Fıtr, noted that religious festivals have a characteristic that reminds all of their responsibilites as human beings and underscored that “given the ongoing incidents around us, our region has turned into a circle of fire. Despite the negative developments in our nearby region and the fluctuations in the world, Turkey has been able to continue to grow in stability. It is a safe haven in its region. Therefore, we should cherish our country, our union and solidarity and fraternity.”

Evincing his happiness to welcome Eid Al-Fıtr, President Gül expressed his wish that everyone enjoy the beauties and spiritual atmosphere of Eid Al-Fıtr and that every member of the nation receive its blessings. “I hereby celebrate Eid Al-Fıtr of all our citizens. I also wish that these holy days bring peace, stability and prosperity to our country, the whole Islamic world and humanity and that the ongoing agonies experienced in some parts of the world end.”

Our religious festivals, the President said, have a charasterictic that reminds all of their responsibilites as human beings. I wholeheartedly believe that our citizens will evaluate these holy days in a way that befits this very characteristic, he noted.


The President further pointed to the ongoing agonies experienced in some countries in the Islamic world, saying: “As the Islamic world, we welcome Eid Al-Fıtr with sadness in our hearts indeed. Due to the bloodshed, tears and tragic incidents in some Muslim countries including Palestine, Iraq and Syria, we are faced with a heart-wrenching picture there. The assaults aiming at innocent people and disregarding the right to live create concerns and sadness. To make it worse, Muslim people are killing each other. Our 49 citizens are still held hostage in Mosul. We are closely and sensitively following the issue that our citizens held hostage should be released without further delay. A grave crime is being perpetrated against humanity in Gaza. Innocent people including children, the elderly and women are being killed. Unfortunately, a tragedy is being experienced and human dignity is being trampled on. What is really worrisome is that the stances of all the relevant sides, states and international institutions in the face of this grave process that could trigger graver events are not satisfactory.”


Calling on the Islamic world and international community so that the bloodshed, tears and sorrows can end, President Gül maintained that Israel must stop its assaults without further delay. “Turkey is doing and will continue to do its part about assuring a permanent and sustainable ceasefire, delivering the humanitarian aid and establishing a fair and permanent peace there. Turkey will continue to stand by the Palestinian people with all its strength. I hereby would like to extend my condolences to the families of the Palestinian people losing their lives and I wish those who were wounded in the assaults a speedy recovery.”

Given the ongoing incidents around us, our region has turned into a circle of fire. Despite the negative developments in our nearby region and the fluctuations in the world, Turkey has been able to continue to grow in stability. It is a safe haven in its region. Therefore, we should cherish our country, our union and solidarity and fraternity.


Our country, continued the President, has important objectives that it wants to reach by testing itself in the future and noted that “I would like to reiterate the significance of the reforms that will gurantee its future and raise once again the momentum of development in terms of the economic, political and social level. Making dominant such values as the rule of law, high democratic standards, the accession process toward the European Union, quality education, accountability, transparency and good governance should be the priorities on our agenda.”

Sharing his belief that these priorities will greatly contribute to the protection of the economic and political stability in Turkey, to its security and prosperity and to its feature as a stable country in the future as well.

I am sure that Turkey will be a much more developed and prosperous country than it is today on the centenary of the republic, declared the President.


President Gül ended his message as follows: “My term in office ends on August 28. This is my farewell message in a sense. I would like to reiterate that I am leaving my office in peace. I have tried to fulfill this honorable duty that I assumed in the best way. I have served impartially and with fidelity to the constitution. I have made great efforts so that the state organizations can work in harmony. I have always championed democracy, the rule of law and human rights and freedoms. I have embraced all without discriminating against anyone. I have met with people from all walks of life. I have stayed at an equal distance to all. I have sensitively approached toward the concerns of our citizens and followed the process toward the solution of their problems. During my term in office, I have been interested in Turkey’s serious issues. I have conducted intense programs in the country and abroad for our nation’s peace and prosperity and so that the level of our country’s standards in all areas can rise.

As I have underscored on several occasions before, I have regarded serving people as serving Allah. I will continue to be at our nation’s service, having the same understanding.

In this vein, I hereby once again celebrate Eid Al Fıtr of all our citizens in the country and abroad and the Turkic and Islamic world. I hope that Eid Al-Fıtr without sorrows and agonies can be enjoyed by all our citizens.”


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